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Our Team

Nicole Gagliardi

A diehard nonprofit nerd and eternal optimizer, Nicole's expertise is a unique combination of data analysis and people-centred design that has earned her a reputation for innovative problem solving.

Jason Stabler

A passionate problem solver With advanced degrees in law and public policy, Jason is in his element when he's building the kinds of integrated systems that improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

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As a social enterprise, it’s our mission to support the capacity and sustainability of small nonprofits.

We lead with our values, and we walk the talk.

When it comes to how we work, you'll quickly find that we are:

> Pragmatic. We believe that knowledge and practice go hand in hand, and that every system we create should save your organization time, energy or money.

> Ambitious. We set a high standard for everything we do, and we’re always striving for excellence in our work.

> Structuralists. We’re not into quick fixes; we’d rather build sustainable systems that address the root cause of a problem for good.

> Iconoclastic. We think there are a few pervasive ideas out there in the sector that aren’t serving organizations well, and we’re not afraid to challenge them head on.

> Innovative. When it makes sense to think outside the box, borrow ideas from business or try something different, we don’t hesitate.

> Equity focused. We believe that equity should be built into strategy, policies and procedures from the word go.